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Braces in Orleans, Your Premier Orthodontists in Ottawa



At Braces In Orleans of Ottawa, Drs. Aaron Bottner and Sharleen Tan and our friendly, professional orthodontic team provide effective, personalized orthodontic treatment to patients of all ages. We emphasize getting to know each patient individually and developing treatment plans based on the person’s unique needs and goals.

A large part of this involves establishing free and open lines of communication between patients, their families, and the orthodontists. We want you to have the information you need in order to make educated decisions about your orthodontic treatment.

By empowering you with knowledge that engages you in your own treatment process, you become part of the team. Together, we work hand in hand to optimize your oral health and create your beautiful smile.

Orthodontic treatments and braces options we offer include:

Located in Orleans Ontario, we serve patients from Ottawa, Casselman, Embrun, Rockland, and neighboring areas East of Ottawa. For more information on our customized orthodontic treatments and answers to your questions about orthodontics, please call our office to schedule an appointment at 613-482-9808.

At Braces In Orleans, we truly create beautiful smiles!

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Orleans Town Centre, 240 Centrum Blvd., Orleans, ON, K1E 3J4, (613) 482-9808